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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Build a Better: Hot dog

RESTAURANT HOSPITALITY — Build a Better: Hot dog — by Gail Bellamy

Beef up the bread, embrace the artisanal and go global with condiments to update this staple.

The classic hot dog, an iconic American food, has been imbued with global flavors and inspired presentations that take it to the next level at restaurants around the country.

A Thai-influenced sausage rendition, Another Night in Bangkok, is offered by Pasadena-based Dog Haus at its various locations. Culinary Director Michael Brown says, “The inspiration behind Another Night in Bangkok was to take an amazing Red Thai Currywurst sausage we already had and highlight its flavor profile by applying earthy and crisp undertones with the use of a spicy peanut sauce and a fresh Asian slaw. What I find to be the most appealing thing about the dish—besides the abundance of flavors—is its simplistic beauty, so colorful, textural and inviting.”

Watch the video of Another Night in Bangkok at