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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Leap Day Dining: Specials + Freebies


NBC LA ONLINE – Leap Day Dining: Specials + Freebies

Alysia Gray Painter

Born on Feb. 29? Even if you weren't, there are ways to honor the offbeat date.

But the question on Monday, Feb. 29, 2016 just may be "what free dinner would you like?" Suppose, though, you're not a Leapling (or, if you prefer, a Leapster or Leapie)? There are still tasty ways to mark the rarest 24 hours of the year in a way that befits its whimsy.

Both Dog Haus and Love & Salt are in on the offbeat action, with Dog Haus going the "extra patty for the extra day" route and Love & Salt offering its Late Night Love Menu all night long (think a fancy burger + vino for twenty bucks).

As for the Dog Haus deal? Order a burger and ask for an upgrade on Feb. 29, and, you guessed it, that extra patty will make a cameo at your table. Holy Aioli, Little Mule, The Hangover, and other Dog Haus burgers are all eligible.

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