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Monday, May 25, 2015

National Burger Day: Patties of Perfection

NBC LA ONLINE — National Burger Day: Patties of Perfection — by Alysia Gray Painter

National Burger Day sizzles on Thursday, May 28, and Slater's 50/50 is offering its brioche bun'd Old Timey burger for ten bucks. Want more? There's more. Special events are often tied to particular times of the year, but sometimes the reasoning behind the pairing can leave people in full-on head-scratching mode.

There is no mystery, though, why National Burger Month, which is May, and National Burger Day, which falls on Thursday, May 28, are when they are: The backyard grills are rolling out in profusion this time of year, and the long Memorial Day Weekend sees its share of outdoor, patty-laden parties. If you've been celebrating Burger Month all along, well, we raise our ketchup bottle to you. But if you still haven't gotten your condiment-cool noshing in, mark May 28 down on your burger-tracking calendar and make for...

Dog Haus: The based-in-Pasadena boutique hot-doggery is known for sausages, but they do hamburgers as well. And come Burger Day, they've got an offer on for visiting burger buffs: "Upgrade any Haus burger or Build Your Own burger to a double with cheese for Free!" Ohhh, "upgrade" and "free," together, in one sentence, like two besties. Want this? May 28, as mentioned, is the date.