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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

New Dog Haus opens its doors this Friday

DAILY 49ER ONLINE - New Dog Haus opens its doors this Friday: This week get ready to experience the newest and absolute würst addition to Long Beach.

Katherine Lemus, Staff Writer

This week get ready to experience the newest and absolute würst addition to Long Beach.

Dog Haus.

Dog Haus is a restaurant that serves gourmet style hotdogs and burgers. Located in downtown Long Beach on 3rd Street and the Promenade, Dog Haus promises to be a new love for hotdog and burger lovers.

As a special promotion for the grand opening this Friday, the Dog Haus plans on giving out free Haus dogs all day from their signature menu.
Founded in 2010 by Quasim Riaz, André Vener, and 1998 Cal State Long Beach alumni Hagop Giragossian, Dog Haus began in Pasadena and after five years has expanded.

Giragossian chose to open the new Dog Haus in Long Beach for a few reasons, a primary reason being that he and his sister, Tenny Megerdichian, had their own roots in Long Beach.

“The connection with the city really was the motivation. Tenny and I both lived here and she has owned multiple businesses before so we already feel like a part of this community,” Giragossian said.

Megerdichian hopes for the same and feels just as passionate as her brother about Dog Haus and the community of Long Beach.

“The city is just going up and we received very good support from the economic department of the city,” Megerdichian said.

Offering a variety of gourmet hot dogs, sausages and burgers, Dog Haus boasts odd sweet and savory combinations. With creations such as the “Grand Slam Haus Dog” (featuring smoked bacon and a greasy fried egg) and the cheese-stuffed “Pig and the Fig.” The take on traditional American food was sparked when Giragossian realized that innovation and hot dogs seldom went hand-in-hand.

“The inspiration behind Dog Haus was because no one was doing anything cool with sausages, and it was something [the founders and I] were passionate about,” Giragossian said. “We thought customers would find that interesting, and once the first Dog Haus opened it was really successful right off the bat. So we opened up another one and another one.”

Giragossian hopes that Dog Haus will become a new hangout for the community.
“I want Dog Haus to be the new stomping ground for the students of Cal State Long Beach. I want them to make this their Dog Haus,” Giragossian said.
With about 10 locations already open in California, Dog Haus aims to expand, become a franchise and open more locations in California as well as in other states such as Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Texas and Utah.

The Dog Haus is opening this Friday on 3rd street and Promenade from 11:00am to 10:00pm.

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