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Monday, April 13, 2015

Sips and Savings: Tax Day Tavern Deals

NBC LA ONLINE — Sips and Savings: Tax Day Tavern Deals — by Alysia Gray Painter

It's nearly April 15. Where are you heading to nosh/sip post-post office?

People who eat out or drink out on the regular are known to do many things while at a table or perched upon a bar-stool: Check their team's stats, text their best buds, doodle on cocktail napkins, play with the sugar packets. But doing our taxes? Nope. That's a home thing, requiring files of receipts and boxes of paperwork. And we don't want to get ketchup on any official forms. Going out for some grub, or a beverage, following your official annual filing, though, is a time-honored, time-specific tradition. A tradition that can score you a discount, depending on where you go, as you head home, by way of a place for dinner, from the post office.

Dog Haus: Ever wanted a Dog Haus Koozie? And a Tall Boy PBR to go inside it? The fancy frankfurter boutique chain is offering just that for a buck for April 15 diners (note: Only at the Dog Haus locations that serve brew). Purchase a regularly priced corn dog or bacon-y Downtown Dog to wash it all down -- er, we think that goes the other way, rather -- and you can call your Tax Day concluded.