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Monday, February 01, 2016

Where to watch the Super Bowl in Los Angeles

EATER LOS ANGELES - Where to Watch the Super Bowl in Los Angeles

Erin Kuschner

here are two problems with hosting a Super Bowl party at your place. The first is that food and beverage is expensive, not everyone necessarily pitches in, and the logistics get hairy. The second is that generally speaking, you're going to have to clean up afterwards. So you're trying to find where to watch the Super Bowl in LA, right?

Look no further. Whether you're looking for a bar that's catering to Denver Broncos fans who get to watch their defense carry an increasingly decrepit Peyton Manning to the precipice of glory, or the unruly few Carolina Panthers fans who are dabbing along with their chiseled specimen of a quarterback with a million dollar smile, there's a bar for you here. There's also a bar for the rest of us, who watch because it's pro forma and another excuse to break that New Year's Resolution one more time. Without further ado, 10 places to watch the Super Bowl in LA.

1 Dog Haus Biergarten

Pasadena's premiere hot dog also comes with an extensive tap list and TV's throughout, which should ensure a more-than-satisfying Super Bowl viewing experience. Just try not to eat ALL the dogs at Dog Haus.

93 E Green St
Pasadena, CA 91105
(626) 683-0808

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